What is Mild Mountaineering?

Coire Na Ciste, Ben Nevis

Do you live to send the hardest routes? Would you be embarrassed to tell someone you climb 4b? Do you think a Grade I winter climb is a walk?

Then this site isn’t for you.

Mild Mountaineering is about climbing awesome stuff, but without constant progression, masculinity contests or social-media driven one-upmanship. It’s about being happy in the easy end of a guidebook, not worrying about Grade V winter gullies or 7c rock routes you’ll never climb. Stuff that ‘serious’ mountaineers and climbers might laugh at, but your non-mountain friends think is insane and definitely still leaves you grinning.

The photo above is taken at the foot of the North Face of Ben Nevis, from just above the CIC Hut, looking up Coire Na Ciste (the deep cut in the centre is Gully Number 3, a Grade I winter climb). By mountaineering standards, it’s easy, but in reality it’s still a serious undertaking requiring skill, fitness, judgement, gear and the ability to put it all together.

This is Mild Mountaineering.